Our Fees

You might expect specialists, as we are, to command large fees for the expertise we offer our clients. Whilst our training might have been with more traditional firms, we like to think that Decipher Tax is a tax consultancy firm that has broken with tradition, mirroring the dynamism that is common amongst the day trading community.

The fees we charge are determined by the complexity of our clients’ day trading activities. When you’re ready to take control of your day trading tax affairs, get in touch and we will discuss the work involved in establishing the tax implications of your day trading activities. Based on our discussion, we will give you a fixed quote, clearly stating the work that we will carry out within the quoted fee.

We strive to deliver value for money and consider our fees to be highly competitive for the specialist work that we undertake. Certainly, approaching larger firms to carry out this type of specialist work will cost hundreds of pounds per hour, with the client being billed for time spent, where there is no cap on the fees charged.

We don’t bill our clients on a time spent basis. By running a streamlined operation we are able to offer our services to clients at rates that larger firms with significant overheads cannot. We even offer an initial telephone or Skype consultation free of charge.