Day Trading And Self-Employment

the self employed day trader

The self-employed Day Trader

In this factsheet we outline the basic points to consider when HMRC guidance dictates that you are a self-employed day trader. Unless you decide to incorporate your day trading business and operate via a Limited company, then you will be a sole trader. Unlike operating a Limited company where the …

day trading business structure

Business structures – Operating a Limited company

If HMRC guidance dictates that you are a self-employed day trader you might choose to carry out your day trading activities through a Limited company. A Limited company is a separate legal entity to the person or people running the company. Here we will assume that theĀ  day trader works …

day trading and tax uk

Day Trading But Not “Trading”

The term “day trader” is misleading in the context of the tax rules. The mere fact that the term “trader” is in a job title doesn’t mean that someone is carrying on a trade as perceived by HMRC. So, what does HMRC think you’re doing when you’ve spent hours studying …