Day Trading And Gambling


Day Trading and Gambling

If day trading activities can sometimes be classed as speculative in nature, similar to gambling and, therefore, not taxable, you might be wondering how you might structure your activities to ensure that your day trading activities fall into the gambling category, making you tax free. We’d advise you not to …

Day traders make losses

HMRC aren’t interested in day traders

This is a viewpoint that we come across often. There are a number day traders, in addition to some in the tax and accountancy profession, that believe that HMRC aren’t interested in the activities of day traders. Many take this stance as they believe that HMRC looks upon day trading …

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“Professional Gamblers” can be self-employed

As you know, the activities of a day trader could be deemed by HMRC to be one of the following: The carrying on of a trade as a self-employed individual, in the same way any individual carrying on a business activity is a self-employed; The activity of a private investor; …