Posted on: 9th March 2017

Day Trading Tax: Budget 2017

Changes to National Insurance Contributions for the self-employed announced in the Budget on 9 March 2017 were dropped a week later. We await news of how the Chancellor proposes to plug the gap in revenue that this U-turn on self-employed National Insurance Contributions will leave.

The one certainty is that the only constant in the economy at the moment is change.

Amidst constantly moving goal posts it can only be beneficial, if not prudent, to obtain clarity and certainty as to your tax status as a day trader. Establishing your tax status is vital in order to plan for any forthcoming changes in the tax rules.

If you’re unclear as to whether HMRC consider you, as a day trader, to be self-employed or a private investor, then┬áthere’s no time like the present to gain some clarity and seek advice.


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