Who We Are

The founder of Decipher Tax (a Chartered Tax Adviser) could be called a tax geek, well someone has to be. After working for global accountancy firms, Decipher Tax was established by its founder to meet a growing requirement from day traders for specialist tax advice tailored to their needs.

Following deregulation of the financial markets, which signalled a move towards electronic screen based trading, the last 30 years has seen participating in the financial markets an activity that is more accessible to a wider group of people. With advances in technology and the ever changing work place, day trading has become a viable method of earning a living for many people.

However, with the challenges and rewards that day trading brings, there is also the looming question of how much tax a day trader should be paying. This is a question not easily answered.

Enter Decipher Tax

Decipher Tax is one of the few firms that specialises in one area of taxation. This enables Decipher Tax to provide its day trader clients with a high level streamlined service.

Instructing other accountancy firms to provide similar specialist tax advice would cost clients hundreds of pounds per hour with no cap on the total fees charged. Decipher Tax likes to keep things simple. By not incurring fees and expenses for unnecessary meetings and taking advantage of modern working practices Decipher Tax can offer its clients a fixed fee for the specialist advice that it provides.