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Tax and the Independent Financial Trader

When are the profits of an independent financial trader taxable as capital gains? And when are these profits taxed using the income tax rules?


Tax Consultancy

Decipher Tax provides a dedicated tax consultancy service to UK resident day traders seeking to establish their tax position.

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Helping day traders establish their UK tax position

Should you pay income tax, capital gains tax or no tax?

Decipher Tax helps navigate the confusion

Day Trading is unlike most occupations which fall into a specific category. With most other occupations it is clear whether someone is employed or self-employed. Whilst an individual trading on their own account will not be employed, it is not always clear whether the trader is self-employed. Then there is the added complexity that the trader may be classed as a private investor or even someone participating in an activity similar to gambling. Each of these classifications have very different tax implications for those engaged in day trading activities.

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Tax Technical Research

The crux of our work is in researching and interpreting tax case law, together with HMRC guidance.

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Personal Tax Consultancy

A detailed report of our research will be presented to you detailing how your day trading activities correspond with HMRC thinking.

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We will ensure that you have robust documentation supporting the tax treatment of profits and losses derived from day trading.

If you are a UK resident happily day trading are you aware of how your profits and losses should be treated for tax purposes? If not, help is at hand in the form of Decipher Tax.


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Tax Consultants for the Independent Financial Trader

Decipher Tax offers a full tax consultancy service for the independent trader. Your initial 1 hour consultation is FREE of charge.