Our Fees

Our fixed fee promise

Decipher Tax is committed to its fixed fee promise of charging £3,600 (including VAT) for the work we carry out for each new client.

This fixed fee covers the tax consultancy work we undertake in researching and understanding the tax implications of the way in which you day trade. The fixed fee also includes obtaining written confirmation from HMRC stating how your day trading profits should be taxed and discussing with you what HMRC’s confirmation means for you.

This is a one-off tax consultancy assignment which will normally be complete within 6 months. Approximately half of this 6 month period will be the 3 months or more that HMRC are likely to take before providing their written confirmation. Apart from the time that HMRC will take to respond, which we have little influence over, the 6 month timescale can be reduced considerably where our client is able to respond to our queries quickly, enabling us to complete our research promptly.


The fee is payable in instalments throughout the assignment, after the payment of an initial deposit. We believe in total transparency and are committed to our fixed fee promise where we can establish a good working relationship with our client.

Once our assignment is complete and HMRC have confirmed how your day trading profits should be taxed, unless there are any significant changes to the information presented to HMRC, then the tax treatment of your trading profits, as confirmed by HMRC, will remain unchanged.​

You are always in the driving seat

As a Decipher Tax client, you will be at the forefront of the discussions with HMRC. Should there be any changes to the information presented to HMRC in the following months or years after Decipher Tax has completed its assignment, you will be able to correspond with HMRC directly and on your own behalf. More often than not there will be no need for Decipher Tax to get involved. We like to think that this means that the £3,600 paid in fees goes a long way. Not only does the fee paid establish your tax position, beyond any doubt and potentially for years to come, but it also provides a springboard for you to continue discussions with HMRC in the event that your circumstances change. It is, therefore, likely that you will not incur any further consultancy fees for advice in this area of taxation.

We are a firm that doesn’t believe in fostering a culture where our clients are totally reliant on us. We pride ourselves in being able to empower our clients to liaise with HMRC directly, even if this means that we forgo the fees we would generate if clients were forced to come back to us whenever they had to correspond with HMRC.

This is not to say that we won’t welcome our clients back after we’ve completed our original assignment. Day trading can change rapidly and you may find yourself in a position where so many things have changed since we corresponded with HMRC that you will need our help. We are always be willing to assist and if you are a returning client, given that we already know you, we will charge a fee that incorporates the fact that we are already familiar with the way in which you day trade.