the self employed day trader

The self-employed Day Trader

In this factsheet we outline the basic points to consider when HMRC deem your activities as a day trader to be that of an individual carrying on a self-employed activity. Unless you decide to incorporate your day trading business and operate via a Limited company, then you will be a …

capital gains tax advice uk

Day Trader Capital Gains Tax explained

Now that you’ve downloaded your Trader Tax Guide, you might be wondering how the Capital Gains Tax regime applies when a day trader is deemed to be private investor. In this factsheet we outline how the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rules apply. Here we will focus on the aspects of …

day trading business structure

Business structures – Operating a Limited company

If you are deemed by HMRC to be a self-employed day trader you might choose to put the income and expenses from your day trading activities through a Limited company. A Limited company is a separate legal entity to the person or people running the company. Here we will assume …